What can I tell you about me and my brand….. I think its difficult to sum up about 20 years of my life and vision in a few lines or paragraphs (lol). Let me just start by saying that I have been in a love affair with fashion since I was a child. I have been fortunate enough to touch all aspects of the fashion industry. From being a business owner to a stylist, a fashion intern, to a short lived career in makeup artistry. 
When I was child, my mother was always very polished and fancy. She would have a full face of makeup on and her hair ready to go, just for a grocery store errand. I’ve always admired that about her. While my father was the creative one. He could make anything with his hands. He loved making things to improve the esthetic of our home. They both are believers in perfecting the “details’. That being said, I was also raised with a sibling, My sister is a tough one. She was always pushing me to design and create. She loves most things I make (lol) and is my biggest supporter…. I am who I am because of them. 
Now, let's fast forward to my fashion career. I went to college for fashion business. When I finished school, I worked as an intern at a retail company while I worked part time at a nightclub. Working at both places, I quickly met a lot of people including stylist, designers and other industry professionals.  From there, I started working as a stylist assistant when I had a day off. I was 19. I was inspired by everything on set. I was always doing quick alterations because I was in wardrobe. I knew how to sew from a high school sewing class and my father, so I decided to put my skills to the test. I quit the retail company but kept styling and the nightclub job. The girls started asking me to sew pieces for them, and that’s what launched my interest in starting my own brand.
During the span of my career, I’ve worked with actors/actresses and artists such as Miguel, Shay Mitchell, Drake, Rihanna, and Kehlani. I’ve worked behind the scenes and in the forefront. I also have built a uniform company that provides outfits for nightclubs, resturants, and marketing companies. Being a business owner, you have to be a multi-tasker. So there is never just one aspect of this business I am married to. I am constantly changing and expanding. This is the beauty of the fashion culture. So opening an online boutique was just the next step for me. 
Today, I create things I love and I create because its my passion. I love seeing an idea come to fruition. Its even better seeing one of my pieces worn or featured somewhere. There will never be any bigger form of flattery than that as a designer. 
I hope you enjoy all the pieces you purchase, as much as I enjoyed creating them!